July 8, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Queens Hotel
Penzance TR18 4HG
£45 per day
07852 365229

The Breath of Summer is a two-day workshop on 8th & 9th July [download flyer]. It just so happens that on the Saturday is the auspicious event of “Guru Purnima”, and a portion of the day will be dedicated to this.

Saturday Morning:  Guru Purnima Day

Guru Purnima is an ancient Eastern tradition that celebrates the Guru, the self-realised Master who shows us the way to our own self-realisation. It is their kindness, compassion, generosity, sacrifice and a love beyond describing that we appreciate. Ultimately it is That and That is the ultimate Guru. The Guru calls you.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday: Summer is Abundance – Love is Abundance

What is happening with life, the world and our personal abundance?

  • Abundance is within you.
  • Kriya Yoga takes you inside.
  • What will you find inside yourself?
  • This workshop will take you into the abundance and transformation from abundance.
  • We lose sight of ourselves and the abundance we naturally have within.
  • Amazing qualities that we take for granted.
  • We must awaken to our eternal, natural fullness.
  • In summer, nature shows us the abundance.
  • Find yourself, be happy, remember.
  • The Guru helps you find yourself.

Tickets: £45 per day

Bookings: emerald@worldpeacemission.com or Tel. 07852 365229

B&B is available at the Queens Hotel Tel. 01736 362371 or enquiries@queens-hotel.com