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Change yourself, change the world.

Peace in the heart, peace in the home.

Kriya Yoga Master

I was trained in Kriya Yoga by my Guru, Mahavatar Babaji, who asked me to teach the sacred practice in the West.

I hold workshops and special events at my Shambala Ashram in Penzance, Cornwall.

I also give teachings and guided meditations online.

Author and Speaker

In 1985 I had a vivid dream of the holiest man in the world. From that moment I knew I had to find him. This was the beginning of a twelve-year search…

You can read my story in the “Journey of a Paramahansa”.

All proceeds help support my World Peace Mission.

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About Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is about aligning yourself with your Heavenly Breath. We are living in the breath of God but we live in ignorance of this essential information. Mahavatar Babaji brought this divine teaching of Kriya Yoga to mankind.


I have been participating for over 18 months now and I can truly say that I have, with the very meaningful meditation and friendships, grown emotionally. The weekly meetings have given me an inner peace and a renewed focus for my life ahead.

Angelika Kearey

Kriya Yoga Student

I felt drawn to attend the first World Peace Mission [Conference] in Penzance in 2015 really just out of curiosity to see what it was all about. The speakers were inspirational and it was great to feel a part of a movement devoted to World Peace. Swami Aliananda Paramahansa had a wonderful quality of presence and I determined to attend her Kriya Yoga sessions which I did the same week. The seed was sown and I water it daily by practicing my Kriya breaths and I AM CHANGING.

Susan Bartlett

Kriya Yoga Student

Kriya Yoga breathing techniques lets you enjoy the silence and to go inside your self and discover the real you and what is important to you. I will be eternally grateful to my daughter and Swami Aliananda Paramahansa for bringing it into my life.

Margaret Stubbs

Kriya Yoga Student


The Book of God

Prayer for Peace

Healing Journey

From housewife to enlightenment

This an extraordinary and inspirational true story about a devoted wife and mother from Cornwall, who experienced a profound spiritual awakening that resulted in a 12 year search for her Master, ‘the holiest man in the world’, across India and to the Himalayas.

When she eventually stood in front of him, the great Mahavatar Babaji said, “You’ve been looking for me for 12 years and now I’ve called you.”

After becoming a Self-realised Kriya Yoga Master, Babaji gave Swami Aliananda Paramahansa a World Peace Mission, which was blessed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama in a private audience.

My life has been two journeys, one as a mother and wife, and one as a pilgrim to find oneself. I hope this book inspires you to live your purpose and not be deterred. You can do this kindly, without being selfish. Be determined and keep on going! 

Choose a new path to a better life! Start your journey today!