After your Kryia Yoga breathing practice you go into meditation. Imagine breathing with the energy and breath of Christmas. Allow the mantle of Christmas, the energy of Christmas to rest upon you.

Mother Mary was a divine being, a Master in her own right. The Lord God laid his mantle of love and Christ upon her. As she breathed the light within, she was in unison with the Supreme Soul (God), so the seed light of Our Lord Jesus Christ was poured forth and seeded in her womb.

The soul of Jesus, the Christed One, this supreme heavenly being born on this heavenly earth and carried by a heavenly woman in her heavenly womb. Yes, she lived and looked like a human being, but she was an exalted soul, a Chosen Being from God.


The light of Christ was born at Christmas
The light of love was born at Christmas
The light of compassion was born at Christmas
The light of light was born at Christmas

The purpose for humanity in the depth of themselves is to find these qualities of your Christed Self. It is about the food of love and compassion. It is about the gifts that you give in kindness and love to one another. It is about forgiveness and gratitude for your life.

You are the living tree
You are the living grail
Your heart is full of the living Christ
You are well rooted like the tree
You are full of consciousness like the grail and your heart is full of love.

What is ‘it’ and how can we feel ‘it’ when we are immersed in the challenges of life and are bombarded in a world of excitements? Our beloved Babaji, a Yogi Christ of India, gave us a supreme practice – Kriya Yoga – a breathing meditation.

We started this letter with breathing, breathing with the consciousness of God – that breath of God will bless you and it blesses the world. That breath creates everything in creation.

When we breathe with the breath of God, which is within us, we breathe with The Christed Light in the whole of creation. Through Christmas remember that breath of Christ within you, it never leaves you. This is what our Beloved Babaji teaches us through Kryia Yoga.

As we do our meditation each day breathe the breath with the suffering, that the breath will merge and bless them with the light of love.

Breathe with Mother Nature, breathe with the animals, breathe with the water, breathe with the birds and bees, breathe with all humanity and be the breath of The Christ Light. As you breathe with this light, the mantle of Christ will fill you and be upon you, blessing you and holding you as a light in the world.

This is your gift to humanity
This is your gift for Christmas
The greatest gift is light, love and peace.

We feel deep gratitude and love to our Beloved Babaji for bringing his mantle of love into the world for humanity. He has been living here for thousands of years holding us in God Consciousness.

With respected reverence and love to our Guru Mahavatar Babaji, our Exalted Master.

Love and blessings to you all at Christmas and looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.