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Kriya Yoga Breathing Meditation

Mahavatar Babaji

A Practice for Peace

Reawakened by Mahavatar Babaji

Babaji said "Enlightenment and understanding happen gradually". Kriya Yoga and meditation are great gifts to humanity to help us gradually awaken to our divine nature. Kriya yoga is a joy! It is the path to the rejoice in your life. This is your practice for your awakening.

We live in a world of complexities and this is the inner path of Self-Realisation. When we say the ‘Self’, what do we mean? We mean the seed of our soul, which unfolds to the Self of God-Realisation.

This is a practice handed down from the Masters and the great Avatars for humanity to rejoice once again from the delusions of life.

Kriya Yoga a simple practice which is done daily, consisting of 5 breaths. These 5 breaths are connected to your Chakra system and opens you to an inner path of enlightenment.

As we tread this inner path, the inner kingdom unfolds within you. This opens you to the wisdom of God Consciousness in your mind, the words of kindness in your speech, the heart of compassion and understanding; and opening you to awareness of relationships, your creativity, your essential timing in life, living in synchronicity with the Divine Plan.

Kriya Yoga has no doctrines or religious bias. It is the path to the freedom of your self-realisation.

Rejoicing is a state of Grace. It is a state of light. A state of freedom – dare to be free of pre-conceived ideas.

As we enter the great rejoice, the holy spirit arises within you, the rejoice of the holy word within you, the rejoice of the holy breath within you, the rejoice of deathlessness within you – immortality.

Discover Kriya Yoga and change your life