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Christmas Newsletter 2023

This Christmas Newsletter comes with love and gratitude. Each one of you has been instrumental in bringing peace into the world. We are all part of Babaji’s World Peace Mission and we are all under the mantle, the Christ Consciousness of the Yogi Christ of India, Babaji.

At Christmas, our Lord Jesus shows us mortality and at Easter immortality. We are lucky enough to be under the guidance of our Lord Jesus and these great teachers to find and realise our immortal selves. This is the Christmas message, the birth of the Christed human being born in a mortal body in the world. As a group we are finding and embodying this Christ consciousness through the sacred practice of the Kriya Yoga breaths.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was trained and walked in the Himalayan mountains. Not only are we having guidance and love from Babaji, but also from our Lord Jesus Christ and Elijah. In a past incarnation Elijah was Jesus’s mentor and teacher – and this was Elisha (Jesus).

We have been very held in the light of Elijah; these great beings, along with Lord Mohammed and Lord Buddha, they have been over-lighting the group. Their energy, their impulse, their note and their light has initiated a deeper wisdom of the Self. We are all entering the kingdom of Self Realisation and God Consciousness.

We have just been given the Shambhala Warrior Prophecy, and for each of you who have been drawn to me to be trained, we are actively using the light to overcome the ignorance of mankind.

Thank you for all you have done.
Thank you for all the times we have spent together.
Thank you for all the effort each one of you has made.

Please join me for our beautiful Christmas meditation on Zoom on the 16th December starting at 10.30-11.30 where together we visit our Lord Jesus Christ in his Ashram in the Himalayas on the inner planes.

This wonderful group, the Shambala Warriors, meet for meditation on Zoom every Thursday 5.30-6.30 UK time. All are welcome to this free event so please join our World Peace Mission.

Love and peace is food for the world.

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Autumn Newsletter 2023

The Importance of Friendship

During the last few months, I have travelled and taught classes in Austria for the annual gathering of the Qigong Tage. I was also invited to Burgenland to teach Kriya Yoga for The World Peace Mission. Both events filled my heart with joy to meet up with such wonderful friends.

Recently I met my friend, Aline, from the USA who visited me in England. She has been a friend for 40 years. This touched my heart deeply, that no matter how long or short a time, being together or apart, friendship is a beautiful form of love.

This energy of love I felt in the deep friendships of all my students in Austria, Germany, England and worldwide. It is a love that is unconditional, spacious and kind; it is a love that just connects, even if you have been apart for a year or twenty years.

What is this quality? This is a quality of non-judgement and acceptance of what is. Love is like a diamond; it has many facets and the love of friendship is a wonderful thing. To all of you dear friends, dear students, dear Kriya Yoga teachers, dear SOS friends, the essence of love and friendship is Kriya Yoga in action.

Over the last four years we have grown in fellowship, support, spiritual growth and love. With this in mind I feel it would be lovely for the Thursday Group to open and offer help to mankind, by inviting all to join us from all over the world.

As we have strengthened and evolved, we have moved into a World Peace Mission Group. It is very interesting to see how this group has been taken into a new phase. We have all been trained under Babaji’s guidance, and he feels that now is the time to open the group to anyone who would like to join us. If you would like to invite anyone, please do so, for meditation, peace and harmony.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all dear friends and to embracing new members into our wonderful community of friendship, fellowship and love. To my wonderful core group, please keep coming as you will hold the energy for the newcomers.

As we go from the summer of excitements into the autumn of change and calmness, so our friendships have all these qualities: friendship is the seasons.

Sending so much love and abundance for the autumn gathering of fruits of wisdom, to sustain you through the winter months.

Note: The Kriya Yoga Foundation courses will continue for those who would like in depth teachings of these Kriya Yoga Sacred Breaths.

Love and peace is food for the world.

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Summer Newsletter 2023

Dear All,

The peace is heavy in my brow, my mind and body are consumed by peace. I am no-thing in this peace, but the awareness within me hears the song of the sea and feels the whispering air. I sit motionless listening to nature. Nature is raw energy held in the form of Supreme intelligence. When one’s mind is still, when one’s heart is resting, when one’s body is suspended in nothing, you realise the profound, awesome, powerful existence of the world.

If we could be in gratitude, in love, in wisdom, in beauty, realising that THAT is our true Creator (THAT being God), we are but a breath passing through this world. So let us merge and be consumed by this breath of love.

When we look at nature and see the beauty of the fullness of summer, its wild abundance, its natural flowers, the sacred cycles of life and death, the breathing out and the breathing back; when we open to the sacred spontaneity of life, our sacred being is living in its truth, deep within us is THAT. We have never been parted from the Self; we have been created and consumed.

The mission of the world is to awaken to the light of consciousness; that is all there is. Our stories are but little boats on an ocean. Our boats are full of stories, but we need to leave the boat and dive into the ocean of bliss, for there is the truth of The Supreme cosmic order. Harness yourself to The Supreme story and be free of the delusions of the boat.

Love and peace is food for the world.

Love and blessings,
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of The World Peace Mission
Kriya Yoga Master

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Spring Newsletter 2023

Dear All,

This Newsletter is about spring and the Supreme growth of our Beingness, to surrender like nature to ‘being’. See what happens in nature; see what we could be like in the full manifestation of God’s beauty, perfume, colour and the power of nature and the seasons.

Over the weeks following my hip operation I have learnt that time is precious. I have realised when you can’t move easily, that sitting in the light of your Beingness; that light of your soul within you; that radiance divine, can change the world.

As a human being we always feel we need to take action and have motivation, but I found that sitting in the power of my Beingness without the outer mind having a result, just ‘being’, then something happens. The purpose of our meditation, God Consciousness, Self-Realisation, is to realise that I am THAT, but even the ‘I’ in ‘I am’ melts into the cosmic ocean of Beingness. The Being of The Supreme is the light of healing the world, and whomever you are with and whatever you are doing – it is THAT.

In THAT Being, the Consciousness Supreme arises with inspiration for your life – Supreme inspiration to direct your life. It is not about inertia; it is about acting in accordance with the Supreme Will. Then inspiration arises within you to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

This cosmic ocean of light is life, it grows everything. When you are filled and merge with THAT, within it is the powerhouse of creation. But we need to leave space and calm our minds, our hearts, our desires and being in the presence to manifest our lives.

I look at the ocean and it looks flat, but arising from the ocean are waves and as we sit in the silence of the ocean, so waves of inspiration fill us – they may be small or it may be a tsunami, but we accept what is and move in our lives with THAT.

Love and peace is food for the world.

Love and blessings
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of The World Peace Mission
Kriya Yoga Master

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Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation through her World Peace Mission events.


Join the Call for Peace

We have had an amazing response to the World Peace Mission’s ‘Call for Peace’ where over 100 people gathered to meditate with us for peace in the world. The light is the power to overcome darkness and we are focusing our thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Earth is a holy realm created by God for humanity. It is evil to want to destroy something so holy and so beautiful.

We will be praying for peace regularly, so please join us for our next half-hour Zoom session on Sunday, 12 March 2023 at 10:30 am. Login from 10:00 am: Call for Peace – March SOS

Zoom link:

This event will be held regularly, so please watch out for forthcoming dates. If you know of anyone who would like to join the Call for Peace, please do not hesitate to point them in our direction.

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Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation.


December Newsletter

Thank you so much for supporting The World Peace Mission. It is magnificent work that you all have done for the Mission and for healing.

SOS Meetings

The past year has been very productive as we have started a World Peace Mission Group on Zoom, which gathers each month to pray and meditate for world peace and healing. It would be wonderful if you could support this, all are welcome. Dates to fit in with my schedule and travel commitments.

We login from 10:00 am UK time for a 30-minute session: 10:30 – 11:00.

Zoom link:

Thursday Kriya Yoga Group

The Tuesday and Thursday Kriya Yoga Breathing meditation group has now been amalgamated with great success. Practising Kriya Yogans worldwide now join me on Zoom on Thursdays to meditate and breathe these sacred breaths together.

The group and the practice of Kriya Yoga has been such a support and healing time for us all. This wonderful Zoom family took us through lockdown, supporting and healing our emotional and physical health, and our lives in times of extreme difficulty.

We are a family that continues to grow in so many ways, not only in numbers, but spiritually and in love and connectedness: A World Peace Mission Group.

Spiritual Retreats

We have had life enhancing, inspirational workshops in Cornwall and Austria since restrictions have been lifted, where we have pilgrimages in nature, had wisdom truth teachings, meditation, visualisation and initiation, and it has been delightful to be with you all.

We have had attendees worldwide and it has been wonderful to teach again in my Ashram in Penzance and in Austria.

Remembrance at Christmas

At Christmas we remember the Christ Mass, the birth of the Christed being within each of us; the breath of the Supreme, the breath of light, the breath of consciousness, the breath of love. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

When we are together, albeit on Zoom, or on the workshops, we are in the breath of that consciousness, united and consumed with love and healing peace for one another and the world.

We are like a Christ Mass, we are a Christed group, and when we unite, we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven within our hearts. The Christ Light is there.

Love and peace is food for the world.

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

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Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation.


November Newsletter

We are a consciousness experiencing life, rootless; it is only my consciousness that gives me life. We are raw consciousness, and we can create either Supreme good or Supreme evil.

It is time for humanity to love the planet, and be at peace with one another, and to realise that we are living in The Garden of Eden. God created Adam and Eve to live in The Garden of Eden, and what is this world other than The Garden of Eden?

When we start to love the world, the garden, and we become gardeners, we will realise that we are custodians, that we are passing through life on this river of consciousness, our soul consciousness. When we realise this and breathe with this Garden of Eden, then we start to blossom in our true nature.

When we live with the seasons and live with the consciousness of the seasons, then we are living our full beauty, our full potential. When we look at nature and the seasons, we see a personality in them. We don’t see the winter season having Botox to look like the summer season.

Humanity has got so muddled with the seasons of age and, unfortunately, it is affecting our thoughts, actions and deeds. As we are all one consciousness with humanity, the earth, the cosmos, our actions can affect the world and nature.

We must go back to our original seed, our true nature, and live with the seasons of creation, where the young seeds come forth from the ground, where it needs to be taken care of and not trampled underfoot.

Mothers must take care of their babies, and so each season we must take care, as we would our plants in a garden.

Let us love one another and all life.

Love is food for the world.

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Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation.


October Newsletter

We have choices, and our beloved Queen chose to serve humanity and The Supreme. She served in the rhythm of nature, lived with this rhythm, and aged with this rhythm. She trusted in The Supreme and loved where she was, what she was doing and whomever she was with. She was pure Kriya Yoga.

The rainbow shone over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle at the announcement of her passing. As Queen, she surrendered to The Supreme, and that is the ultimate purpose of our lives; her life was then a living grail. She served with humility and sacred intention, which was fed by her deep faith. As the Head of the Church, at the moment of her crowning and anointing she was in service to humanity, through being a servant to The Supreme.

In this river of consciousness her heart, her mind, her actions were in tune with that. With her humble, pure divine intention, whomever she met felt that they were special. She concentrated on them, and they felt this special energy of The Supreme coming from her. It is said by all whom she met that it was the most special moment in their lives.

She will never be forgotten and will be greatly missed, but the Mantle will, I’m sure, be held and carried by King Charles III with great understanding, wisdom and love for The New Age.

God save the King.
God bless our Queen, and thank you.
May our thoughts and love hold the family in peace at this sad time.

Love is food for the world.

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Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation through her World Peace Mission events.


Swami’s Blessing

I have called you here today,
May the Light of God’s Supreme Heart enfold you
Beyond the thoughts of your mind.

The beloved will stream forth and hold you,
In the tender love of the Divine Mother’s arms.

We are all children of the Supreme,
In the sacred embrace of Love.

Walk in the world knowing,
You are body, mind and spirit.

The body, the world,
The mind of the holy heaven,
The spirit, birthed in your divine heart.

Be in the world, not of it,
Be in your heart and the love of it,
Be in heaven and the glory of it,

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