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Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation through her World Peace Mission events.


Swami’s Blessing

I have called you here today,
May the Light of God’s Supreme Heart enfold you
Beyond the thoughts of your mind.

The beloved will stream forth and hold you,
In the tender love of the Divine Mother’s arms.

We are all children of the Supreme,
In the sacred embrace of Love.

Walk in the world knowing,
You are body, mind and spirit.

The body, the world,
The mind of the holy heaven,
The spirit, birthed in your divine heart.

Be in the world, not of it,
Be in your heart and the love of it,
Be in heaven and the glory of it,

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Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation.


World Peace Prayer

Oh Divine Lord
Divine Mother
May our breath become one with thee.
May the God light arise from my heart filling my mind with peace
May the light from my heart still every thought
May our hearts our minds our breath be in union with the cosmic ocean of peace.
Peace in the world
Peace to mankind

My teaching is to walk in the world but to be not of it. Allow God to show you the way, take time to sit and be in silence. Be happy, be harmonious, walk in nature be aware of God’s power in you, of God’s love in you, of God’s peace in you. Find a practice that will open you to God.

We live in the duality. Meditate and go into the oneness, live in oneness. You will not lose the personality you have and the way you express yourself in the world, but that may change. Your expressions in the world and the way you act and live are also a cloak of the divine, for as you find the divine within you, a new energy will permeate your whole being and your body mind and spirit become one.

The thoughts you had before change and your nature becomes more natural. It wants less, it desires less and is more loving and kinder. You change yourself from your animal nature to your supreme nature and this permeates your whole being.

The understanding about the breath is very helpful for your life, the heart and all your chakras have an outer-worldly excitement. The inner truth with Kriya Yoga you are breathing with the Divine – you are going in more deeply, cleansing your chakras and raising your consciousness to the Divine.

As we draw the breath up from the root chakra, right up to the crown and into the brow and from the brow down to the root chakra, this breath is charging you with positive God energy.

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