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November Newsletter

We are a consciousness experiencing life, rootless; it is only my consciousness that gives me life. We are raw consciousness, and we can create either Supreme good or Supreme evil.

It is time for humanity to love the planet, and be at peace with one another, and to realise that we are living in The Garden of Eden. God created Adam and Eve to live in The Garden of Eden, and what is this world other than The Garden of Eden?

When we start to love the world, the garden, and we become gardeners, we will realise that we are custodians, that we are passing through life on this river of consciousness, our soul consciousness. When we realise this and breathe with this Garden of Eden, then we start to blossom in our true nature.

When we live with the seasons and live with the consciousness of the seasons, then we are living our full beauty, our full potential. When we look at nature and the seasons, we see a personality in them. We don’t see the winter season having Botox to look like the summer season.

Humanity has got so muddled with the seasons of age and, unfortunately, it is affecting our thoughts, actions and deeds. As we are all one consciousness with humanity, the earth, the cosmos, our actions can affect the world and nature.

We must go back to our original seed, our true nature, and live with the seasons of creation, where the young seeds come forth from the ground, where it needs to be taken care of and not trampled underfoot.

Mothers must take care of their babies, and so each season we must take care, as we would our plants in a garden.

Let us love one another and all life.

Love is food for the world.


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