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October Newsletter

We have choices, and our beloved Queen chose to serve humanity and The Supreme. She served in the rhythm of nature, lived with this rhythm, and aged with this rhythm. She trusted in The Supreme and loved where she was, what she was doing and whomever she was with. She was pure Kriya Yoga.

The rainbow shone over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle at the announcement of her passing. As Queen, she surrendered to The Supreme, and that is the ultimate purpose of our lives; her life was then a living grail. She served with humility and sacred intention, which was fed by her deep faith. As the Head of the Church, at the moment of her crowning and anointing she was in service to humanity, through being a servant to The Supreme.

In this river of consciousness her heart, her mind, her actions were in tune with that. With her humble, pure divine intention, whomever she met felt that they were special. She concentrated on them, and they felt this special energy of The Supreme coming from her. It is said by all whom she met that it was the most special moment in their lives.

She will never be forgotten and will be greatly missed, but the Mantle will, I’m sure, be held and carried by King Charles III with great understanding, wisdom and love for The New Age.

God save the King.
God bless our Queen, and thank you.
May our thoughts and love hold the family in peace at this sad time.

Love is food for the world.


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