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Spring Newsletter 2023

Dear All,

This Newsletter is about spring and the Supreme growth of our Beingness, to surrender like nature to ‘being’. See what happens in nature; see what we could be like in the full manifestation of God’s beauty, perfume, colour and the power of nature and the seasons.

Over the weeks following my hip operation I have learnt that time is precious. I have realised when you can’t move easily, that sitting in the light of your Beingness; that light of your soul within you; that radiance divine, can change the world.

As a human being we always feel we need to take action and have motivation, but I found that sitting in the power of my Beingness without the outer mind having a result, just ‘being’, then something happens. The purpose of our meditation, God Consciousness, Self-Realisation, is to realise that I am THAT, but even the ‘I’ in ‘I am’ melts into the cosmic ocean of Beingness. The Being of The Supreme is the light of healing the world, and whomever you are with and whatever you are doing – it is THAT.

In THAT Being, the Consciousness Supreme arises with inspiration for your life – Supreme inspiration to direct your life. It is not about inertia; it is about acting in accordance with the Supreme Will. Then inspiration arises within you to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

This cosmic ocean of light is life, it grows everything. When you are filled and merge with THAT, within it is the powerhouse of creation. But we need to leave space and calm our minds, our hearts, our desires and being in the presence to manifest our lives.

I look at the ocean and it looks flat, but arising from the ocean are waves and as we sit in the silence of the ocean, so waves of inspiration fill us – they may be small or it may be a tsunami, but we accept what is and move in our lives with THAT.

Love and peace is food for the world.

Love and blessings
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of The World Peace Mission
Kriya Yoga Master


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