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Spring Newsletter 2024

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation.

We are coming into the beauty of spring: fresh life, beautiful growth, strength. The earth is creating its beauty and there is wonderful news. A soul has joined our family, a beautiful, beautiful girl, Evelyn-Elizabeth Phillips. She was born on the Sunday, the Sabbath, in the afternoon of the 28th of January 2024.

It was very inspiring to feel and realise this heavenly soul embodied in such a beautiful baby. All babies born, all people bring their light to the world and each can, and does, change the world. She will bring her personality, her divine intelligence, and as she grows, she will express her song, her vibration, her beauty, her colour, and each human being does this. She is a Supreme creation, and she will create the Supreme. This is what each one of us does.

This springtime, this time of wonderful new beginnings, opens our hearts to the Divine Intelligence within, to sing your song for peace in the world.


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