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Summer Newsletter 2023

Dear All,

The peace is heavy in my brow, my mind and body are consumed by peace. I am no-thing in this peace, but the awareness within me hears the song of the sea and feels the whispering air. I sit motionless listening to nature. Nature is raw energy held in the form of Supreme intelligence. When one’s mind is still, when one’s heart is resting, when one’s body is suspended in nothing, you realise the profound, awesome, powerful existence of the world.

If we could be in gratitude, in love, in wisdom, in beauty, realising that THAT is our true Creator (THAT being God), we are but a breath passing through this world. So let us merge and be consumed by this breath of love.

When we look at nature and see the beauty of the fullness of summer, its wild abundance, its natural flowers, the sacred cycles of life and death, the breathing out and the breathing back; when we open to the sacred spontaneity of life, our sacred being is living in its truth, deep within us is THAT. We have never been parted from the Self; we have been created and consumed.

The mission of the world is to awaken to the light of consciousness; that is all there is. Our stories are but little boats on an ocean. Our boats are full of stories, but we need to leave the boat and dive into the ocean of bliss, for there is the truth of The Supreme cosmic order. Harness yourself to The Supreme story and be free of the delusions of the boat.

Love and peace is food for the world.

Love and blessings,
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of The World Peace Mission
Kriya Yoga Master


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