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My dearest Swamiji, my Beloved Aliananda, my Guru,

To work with you on the chakras touched me in the depth of my heart, my soul, my body, my whole being. I really loved walking with you this path for four weeks, doing two chakras a week.

We started with the crown and the brow and I felt my inner pillar of light increasing. Death is immortal Divine, I am contemplating on these words since I heard them in the first lesson.

Then going through throat and heart with you I nowadays realize that I can speak out my truth free, gentle and sincere.

In the third week you lead us through our solar plexus and sakral chakras and during this lesson I am allowed to harmonize willpower and creation.Thy will done through me, relationships, sexuality, all coming into harmony and peace inside me, as I feel.

Going through the root and the Alta Major with you is completing the visionary journey. Filled by the light of the Divine, pulsating and breathing with the Divine and Mother Earth I experience myself like a chalice overflowing overflowing overflowing. The heart is the greatest well.

I found it so helpful to journey with you. Love and light spreading into my family, it’s much easier for me now. It really was a life-changing experience for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Martina Kriya Yoga Student