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Bedford Hotel, Tavistock
Bedford Hotel, Tavistock

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Nov 09 2018


08:00 AM - 06:00 PM





Pilgrimage to the Ten Commandment Stones

This journey will take us to The Ten Commandment Stones on Buckland in the Moor Beacon, Dartmoor

The pilgrimage will be led by Swami Aliananda Paramahansa and Sound Master, Wendy Scott. Prayers will be said and the gong sounded throughout the pilgrimage.

The Ten Commandment Stones are a pair of large flat stones carved with Biblical verses, including the Ten Commandments by sculptor, W.A. Clement, in 1928.

This is also Fire Beacon site.

From here we will make our way across the natural and remote landscape of Dartmoor to a little chapel, hidden at Huccaby.  This is the only Anglican chapel dedicated to St. Raphael, and whilst simple the little Chapel holds a healing energy. It is a place of Peace and Tranquility. Built in 1868, its name means “God has healed”. St. Raphael is also the patron Saint of Travelers.

We then continue the pilgrimage to St Gabriel’s Church at Postbridge, built c. 1868, where inside there is a pilgrim’s prayer on the wall. It is a simple and well-loved building and being in Devon has a lot of wood carvings.

Cost: £20 for the day.

You will need warm and waterproof clothing, and strong waterproof footware for the pilgrimage.

Gather at the Bedford Hotel, Tavistock, 9.30 am, departing 9.45 am.


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