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World Peace Mission

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Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa

The World Peace Mission has grown over the years calling many people from around the world to learn Kriya Yoga and change. Kriya Yoga is not about religion but about your soul uniting with the power of love and peace within you. Any one can learn, it's about breathing in unison with the divine breath of creation. The more we change the stronger the peace gets and the better it becomes for the world. Peace is light, light is the slayer of darkness and delusion.

Babaji taught me Kriya Yoga breathing. This calms us in preparation for meditation. Our minds are the key factor to change – when we calm our minds we see wisely, feel more kindly, live more openly and express more clearly each day. We change to become the truth of who we are. We touch our sacred soul. This is the God glow within us to express peace, love, and kindness.


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Journey of a Paramahansa

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From housewife to enlightenment

This an extraordinary and inspirational true story about a devoted wife and mother from Cornwall, who experienced a profound spiritual awakening that resulted in a 12 year search for her Master, 'the holiest man in the world', across India and to the Himalayas.

When she eventually stood in front of him, the great Mahavatar Babaji said, "You've been looking for me for 12 years and now I’ve called you."

When she became a Self-realised Master through the practice of Kriya Yoga Meditation, Babaji gave her a World Peace Mission, which was blessed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama in a private audience.

My life has been two journeys, one as a mother and wife, and one as a pilgrim to find oneself. I hope this book inspires you to live your purpose and not be deterred. You can do this kindly, without being selfish. Be determined and keep on going! 

~ Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

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