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What are the Benefits of Kriya Yoga?

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa teaches Kriya Yoga breathing and meditation through her World Peace Mission events.

There are a number of benefits of learning Kriya Yoga:

Power of the Breath

When we were born, the power that ignited our lives is our breath; the breath of life. When creation was created, God created with the Word and the Breath. When we practise the sacred Kriya Yoga breaths, we learn to unite with the Sacred Breath and breathe in union with our Creator, the original breath, God’s Breath, God- Consciousness, Self-Realisation; we start to breath with our soul breath our God Breath, and we go back to the original seed.

Kriya Yoga is the ‘Airplane’ Route to Self-Realisation

“Kriya, controlling the mind directly through the life force, is the easiest, most effective, and most scientific avenue of approach to the Infinite. In contrast to the slow, uncertain ‘bullock cart’ theological path to God, Kriya Yoga may justly be called the ‘airplane’ route.”

Kriya Yoga is also extremely good for our health as it brings balance to our lives. When our minds are in balance and harmony, it awakens us to a greater understanding of our life’s purpose, happiness and wellbeing. The breath is the power behind all creation, everything in this world is breathing; the whole universe is breathing. If you are drawn to learn Kriya Yoga you are already looking for answers to your questions.

Support with Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

The purpose of learning the sacred Kriya Yoga breaths is to learn to breathe in a way which changes our patterns, concepts, vulnerabilities, balance and emotional and mental unease. The power of these yogic breaths that I teach will change you.

Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing

Physical and spiritual wellbeing will happen when we are breathing in harmony with our spiritual selves. You may have physical illness, but your wellbeing is brought into balance with the breath in the communion of the physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth happens when we have a divine practice like Kriya Yoga. In the practise of these sacred breaths, we enter into a meditative state and from this state we have spiritual growth. From this state of stillness from our practice, wisdom, understanding and spiritual intelligence will manifest itself in our lives.

God Consciousness and Self-Realisation

Through the practice of sacred breathing, gradually, gradually the delusions of our minds, that thinks it is in control changes, and we enter a state of understanding that there is a consciousness creating all life. This consciousness is sometimes called the Self. When we realise the Self; this consciousness of God, then we have God Consciousness and Self Realisation.

Psychic Development

When we are in harmony with the breath of The Supreme we are in harmony with the whole of creation and all life. When we get to a certain state, there are realisations which some call psychic powers. These normally develop with our practice, but don’t get waylaid looking at the baubles on the tree when we need to enter the strength of the trunk of The Supreme. There in that strength, we are in the presence and light of the Self with no attachments to any results or desires.

Centredness and Grounding

Centredness and grounding are the foundation of our spiritual practice. Centredness is about being balanced and present. When we are present in our lives, we are grounded in what is happening around us. This energy of centredness is the consciousness of God and it will inspire us in our lives; our life is being grounded in what we are living.

Support for Our Wellbeing

The sacred breath supports all aspects of our lives. When we master the breath of our excitements then we enter the sacred breath that creates wellbeing; the breath of creation.

Changing your Life

What do we think about when we say “changing our life”? To some it could feel very frightening. Some people are happy clinging to old patterns whether it brings sadness or happiness. To change is a gradual thing to most people, though to some it may come from a spontaneous moment. We can change more easily with the sacred practice of Kriya Yoga. When we are breathing the holy breaths, we are breathing with mind, body and spirit and this brings harmony to our mind, body and spirit. If you are willing to change, change will happen but it depends on you and how committed you are to your practice.

Kriya Yoga Peer Group Support

As I teach you Kriya Yoga, you are with me in this process. You can come to see me personally and see me on Zoom. I hold workshops at my ashram in Cornwall to expand your understanding and consciousness. Also, I hold Masterclasses for groups who want to come together for in-depth teachings. I have a Zoom group of Kriya Yogans each Thursday. This is an amazing supportive group of like-minded Kriya Yoga students, and it has been in action for 4 years and supported us all through Covid and remains a continual support today. When you learn Kriya Yoga with me you can automatically join this group.

Awakening of the Kundalini

The sacred Kriya Yoga breaths, this holy breath arises within us. As we practise more and more, we enter into the Supreme breath within, activating the kundalini; the Supreme energy within us. Gradually, gradually this energy, which had been dormant in our ignorance, arises within us revealing our Supreme nature.