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Thank you for doing this online Kriya Yoga for Beginners course for four weeks! I enjoyed it very much and hopefully will see you again.

When I first read about the course, actually I was glad not to have to travel that far to Cornwall, and I on the other hand I was amazed to do a meditation course online. But it worked very good and I am glad I joined it! I hope that the online course will continue (Thursday’s session translated to German), because it is a lot easier to do it with Swami Aliananda than to sit alone.

During the breaths and the meditation I usually do not want to stop, because it feels so peaceful, harmonious, joyful… but I know, it has to end sometime.

I am trying to do the breaths every day, sometimes it works better, sometimes not so good – but it is fine. When we do the guided imagery journeys, I can imagine situations, objects, feelings quite good.

I recommended and will recommend the Kriya Yoga for Beginners course to others. Thank you for providing such a wonderful, joyful time!

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Gernot Kriya Yoga Student